Şişgüzar Çöp Şiş
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  Çöpşiş as a traditional name known in our country mainly in Selçuk and Aegean region is an inseparable part of our food culture. The discovery of this type of cook lied back to the times when the first railway line was constructed between İzmir-Aydın in Turkey. During the time of this construction, the railway workers discovered to cook the meat by lining the small chopped pieces of lamb on small chopsticks found at around marshy places.

Here it is our voyage of taste:

Şişgüzar has started its voyage of this unique taste originating in Aegean Region from Selçuk considering to offer such excellent delicious part of our culture to more people each day. Such a unique taste is being presented to the people who fond of real taste... but it is not a casual way of presentation with an awareness of specialty hidden in the taste of this food thus the experience and the talent of Şişgüzar make the difference is easily noticeable from the point of view of whether the aperitifs accompanying with this unique taste bouquet of Turkish culture and the meticulous appearance on the plate...Not only lamb skewers but also chicken, Turkish sausage, liver, vegetarian option and meatballs skewers welcome you in a limitless world of taste you may experience...

Selçuk Efes Çöpşiş
Master of
flavor in the
taste world of
grilled lamb skewers
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